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how to mix parlay bets

Updated: Jan 18

The Most Complete guide on How to Calculate and Install a Mix Parlay

In the Sportsbook Gambling game, now many gambling players are trying to play by betting on the type of double bet or commonly known as mix parlay. The parlay mix itself is very much loved by these Sportsbook players due to the multiplication of very large betting prizes and high percentage of pay but only using a small main capital.

As you can imagine, you player only bet 13 thousand, you can get your winnings to reach hundreds of millions of rupiah, only with the requirements: every team you guess and put up the bet must be all right without any losing team.

The most complete guide to calculating and installing parlay mix, Sbobet mix parlay display. You can see in the user player id table that simplifies the explanation we will provide below:

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how to play mix parlay

            Pp: is the amount of funds or credit bets that you have in your account, for a minimum bet placing on the sbobet mixparlay is 13 thousand.

            First Half: is a mix parlay bet option that is only for 1 × 45 minutes of the first (initial) round.

            Full Time: is a full round bet option of 2 × 45 minutes.

            HDP: is what can be interpreted as Handicap, which is an Asian betting market that applies ball voor with various Odds values, Usually in 1 market there are 3 types of choices.

Like the picture above we gave an example: Real Sociedad whose writing in red gives vooran 1, 1-1.5, and 0.5-1 with different odds values.

            OU: is what can be said Over Under, which is guessing the total number of goals that will be made by the competing team. Is under (under) or Over (above) of the betting market that has been provided.

            OE: is what can be said Odd Even or Even. i.e. guessing the outcome of an odd or even number goal. Example score: 2-1, 1-0, 3-0 (total goals that have an odd value), Example scores: 0-0, 0-2, 3-1 (Total number of goals total even)

            1 × 2: is to guess whether the final result of the game wins the winning host (1), draw (x), or the winning team (2).

            The last number 8 is the team that will compete, like the example picture above: Real Sociedad is the host of opponents Deportivo La Coruna. Because Real Sociedad is marked in red, Real Sociedad gives Voor to his opponent Deportivo La coruna.

The Most Complete Guide on How to Calculate and Install a Sports Parlay Mix

How to place Mixparlay bets must be a minimum of 3 team selections and a minimum bet that must be placed or bet is 13K. These are tips on how to install Mixparlay on Sbobet, hopefully the above method can give you more knowledge and understand.

For players who have an account, with a minimum deposit of 50,000 you can already play in Sportsbook gambling, and you can immediately play Mix Parlay gambling.

How to calculate and install a mix parlay

For MixParlay gambling payments is the total multiplication of the odds the team you choose, the greater the Odds value you choose, the results you will get are very large. Next we will tell you how to count your winnings in this MixParlay bet:

            All Stake Win (All Winning Bets)


            - Arsenal vs Chelsea: 2-1 (Bet Over 2.5 @ 2 = win)

            - manchester vs spanis: 1-0 (Bet Under 2 @ 1.90 = win)

            - Liverpool vs Real Madrid: 2-0 (Handicap select Liverpool get voor ¼ @ 1.80 = win)

            - Paris Saint German Vs Lille: 3-1 (Handicap select Paris Saint German voor ¾ @ 2.10 = win)

From betting bets above all win then the calculation:

2 x 1.90 x 1.80 x 2.10 = 14.36

14.36 x 100 (Stake / bet placed for example 100K) = Win 1436 (Max Payout).

Net wins obtained from 1436-100 (Stake Capital / Stake) = 1336.

            Draw Stakes (Draw Results)


            Malaga vs Rayo Vallecano: 1-1 (Rayo Vallecano voor bets are empty (0) @ 2.15 = Draw)

            Hibernians vs Dundalk: 2-3 (select handicap Dundalk voor 1 @ 2.50 = Draw)

            Real Betis vs Sevilla: 0-3 (handicap select Sevilla voor 1 @ 1.90 = Win)

From the bets above the results of 2 draws and 1 win match so the calculation is:

for odds draw = 1

1 x 1 x 1.90 = 1.90

1.90 x 100 (Stake Value) = Win 190

Net wins obtained from 190-100 (Stake Capital) = 90.

            Win Half Stake (Half-Bet Win)


            Shamrock Rovers vs St Patrick: 0-1 (betting under 2.5 @ 2.20 = Win)

            Valencia vs Eibar: 3-2 (Over 3 @ 1.80 = Win bet)

            As Monaco vs M

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